• Ride + Stride

    is on Saturday 11th September 2021.  Ride+Stride is the largest source of income for our grants and raised more than £37,900 last year. Every year, it’s a great day for getting out and about and raising funds for churches and chapels all over Leicestershire.

  • Ride+Stride 2021

    Many thanks to everyone who participated in Ride+Stride 2021, either by opening their church or raising funds by riding and striding.  It was perfect weather and everyone had a great day out.  There are some brilliant comments on our JustGiving page - www.justgiving.com/l-h-c-t - with some wonderful sums raised!  All funds raised for the Trust through Ride+Stride 2021 will be used for our grants to churches and chapels in 2022. Thanks so much for your wonderful support for Leicestershire Ride+Stride!

    Sponsorship Form PDF    List of Churches and Chapels Open for 2021

    Welcome to Ride+Stride, the foremost annual event to raise funds for repairs and improvements to historic churches, chapels and meeting houses throughout Leicester and Leicestershire

    Over £1,190,000 has been raised in Leicestershire since our first Ride+Stride in 1990. The event raised more than £37,900 in 2020 – with nearly 300 churches and chapels taking part - a wonderful total considering the difficult circumstances.  The £37,900 raised is a tremendous result and a fantastic tribute to everyone who took part - a long list that includes area and local organisers; cyclists, tandemists, walkers, and horse-riders; welcomers and those who ensured that the churches that opened did so safely; and especially everyone who sponsored an individual participant or donated via the Trust's JustGiving page.  Roll on this year's Ride+Stride on Saturday 11th September 2021!

    How it works

    Ride+Stride is a sponsored event for cyclists, walkers, joggers, runners, horse-riders and mobility scooter drivers. You can also be sponsored as a welcomer on duty in a church. 50% of sponsorship money goes to the church or chapel chosen by the participant, with the other 50% going to the LeicesterShire Historic Churches Trust which organises the event and uses the funds raised for grants to churches and chapels for repair, restoration and improvement projects. 

    You plan your own route (which may cross county borders) using the list of churches and chapels that are intending to open on the day. Riders and Striders ask their relations, friends and colleagues to sponsor them - so much for each church or chapel they visit between 10.00am and 6.00pm on the day, or a lump sum. This is recorded on a special sponsor form and you can take part for as long or short a time, within the day, as is convenient for you.

    You can also set up your own Ride+Stride fundraising page via the Trust’s Just Giving page here.

    On the day

    You can ‘clock in’ at your first church from 10:00am onwards. We are not sure what safety measures will be needed this year, so what follows repeats last year's advice for now. There will be a register to sign (using your own pen and hand sanitiser) and you should complete and initial your own sponsorship form. A quick (or long) look around - wearing a mask - and then off to the next church or chapel. This year, refreshments will not be available so please carry water and food with you. 

    By 6:00pm the last keen participants will have signed the register. Some churches and chapels, particularly in hilly areas or far from other churches, receive many fewer visitors, sometimes in single figures, but the event works best when as many churches and chapels as possible are open on the day. Many congregations see the day as a Church Open Day when useful jobs can be done inside the church or in the churchyard - with short breaks to welcome visitors!

    Ride+Stride 2021 – Saturday 11th September - Church Registration Form

    Please complete the form below if your Church or Chapel would like to participate in Ride+Stride 2021.

    Safety on the roads

    Safety on the roads is paramount and although organisers cannot be responsible for the Riders and Striders, they do all they can to encourage safe participation for all.

    At all times observe the Highway Code and the Country Code. Do not sacrifice safety for speed. N.B. It is a condition of participation in Ride+Stride that, save to the extent required by law, the Trustees of the LeicesterShire Historic Churches Trust accept no liability in respect of death or injury sustained by anyone taking part in Ride+Stride.

    After the event

    When you have collected your sponsorship money, please give your form and the sponsorship money to your local organiser who sends it to Mrs Anne Bloor, the Hon Treasurer for Leicestershire Ride+Stride. Anne adds everything up, banks the money, and sends each church or chapel its half share. 

    An experienced rider can visit 30 churches or more and, with good sponsorship, can raise a considerable sum. In Leicestershire, some churches raise over £1,000 through Ride+Stride and there are some participants who raise more than £1,000 each. 

    We hope to raise £45,000 - £50,000 through Leicestershire Ride+Stride this year – please take part, raise funds, and have a great day! 

    For further information, please contact Janet Arthur chairman@lhct.org.uk / 0116 279 3995 / 07840 543288

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